Tasty, fragrant, perfect in its majestic simplicity. Soft and thin dough, tall and golden edges, cooked exclusively in a wood burning oven and under traditional Neapolitan instructions (around 70 seconds at a 450°C temperature). Indescribably good to eat. Yes, because the experience of tasting an authentic Neapolitan pizza is something that not even the most meticulous description could do justice. And if, as in our case, the master pizza chefs continuously carry out research and tests in order to reach an ad-hoc, balanced and expert blend of flours, the pizza also becomes lighter, healthier and more digestible, and the delightful meets the useful in a Pizza with a capital P. Absolutely unique.

menù completo € 22,50

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  • Piedirosso IGT 75 cl Sorrentino


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