LaB is the new concept with which Fratelli La Bufala defines the new flagship restaurants and launches the new retail strategy at the end of 2018, which will see them open in the main hubs of the world, including Milan, Rome and London, all amongst the first restaurants to open. To make way for this new concept, and rightly so, is the historical Mergellina restaurant in Naples, the restyling of which marks, in a sense, the beginning. LaB as a laboratory of flavours, ideas and happiness. Lab as the La Bufala experience, to try and live at the fullest 300% in restaurants all the same and each one different, all well rooted in the traditional identity and each one strongly characterized by elements that recall some of the peculiarities of the hosting cities and neighbourhoods, in order to allow each customer to fully learn and appreciate the La Bufala world in all of its nuances.